Inspire Yoga

About Inspire Yoga Narangba Classes

All Inspire Yoga Narangba classes include breathwork, physical postures, meditation, relaxation and yoga philosophy promoting health, healing and harmony.

Classes begin with focused breathing to bring calm to the mind and comfort to the body.  Your body eases into a gentle warm up before building on depth, strength and presence in the poses.  The practice of stretching and strengthening your entire body in movement with the breath allows you to find and feel more space in your body and mind to promote healing, the restoration of wellbeing.  At the end of the physical practice enjoy relaxation to restore energy and deepen your experience of just 'being'.  Facial massage, Reiki and Singing Bowls inspire you to deepen your sense of space and relaxation.  

The ultimate goal of yoga is to bring stillness to the mind and we conclude the class with seated meditation.  Meditation gives us time to slow down the chatter of our busy minds.  It allows us to find more space between all of our thoughts giving access to our loving, joyous and peaceful selves.  Meditation develops mindfulness, the awareness to choose how we feel, our thoughts, words and actions, developing presence and cultivating calm from moment to moment, enhancing not only the practice of yoga but every aspect of daily life.

You don't need to be experienced to practice yoga.  Inspire Yoga classes offer options for each pose so everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners can practice, enjoy and benefit from the class.  Try an Inspire Yoga class for the introductory price of $10 to experience the benefits of yoga for your body, mind and soul.

About Kath

Kath Hunt is the principal teacher of Inspire Yoga Narangba classes.  Kath has an inclusive and supportive approach to teaching, encouraging each student to modify, develop and deepen their practice in their own way and time.

Kath regularly attends workshops, classes and retreats for her personal and professional development. 


Level 1 Yoga Teacher - My Health Yoga
Healing Therapies and Reiki Masters - My Health Yoga
Diploma in Remedial Massage - Australian College of Massage
Certificate IV Massage - Australian College of Massage
Professional Membership - Massage Australia
First Aid - St Johns

About Flora

Flora Harding is both a teacher and student at Inspire Yoga.  Flora and Kath trained together and share a love of Yoga and life.  Flora is a blessing to Inspire Yoga teaching beautiful classes in Kath's absence.  (Level 1 Yoga Teacher/Reiki 1/First Aid).